What are people saying about their experience at Victory Ranch?

“… this year’s retreat was arguably one of the best camping experiences in our history.”

Cheryl J. Beard

(Executive Director) Urban Youth Initiative

“Congratulations to you on developing such a dedicated staff that worked hard and long to ensure that all went well. Every request was met even beyond our expectations.”

Douglas V. Browne

(General Manager) The Peabody Hotel Group

“…Victory Ranch is ALWAYS one of the group’s favorite events. The staff, events, lodging, and food are all fabulous.”

Donna Taylor


“It is a remarkable place and your staff did a wonderful job helping us fulfill our objectives for the day. The feedback from each activity was right on target and it made our faculty understand that they need to make a conscious effort to work as a unit when it comes to any challenge.”

Fred Kessler

(Principal) Bolivar Central High School