“Each September, the 8th graders of Briarcrest Christian Middle School enjoy a class retreat at Victory Ranch. These students look forward to this trip throughout their middle school years and are never disappointed with their experience. The facility is beautiful and offers a wide range of activities for the students. A full-day of recreation is always capped off with a western hoe-down and a great night’s rest in the beautiful bunk houses. The staff is not only well-trained and capable but friendly and Christ-like in all of their encounters with our students. We leave Victory Ranch better than we were when we arrived, and we always look forward to our next adventure at “the ranch.” God is truly blessing this ministry, for all that is done is done to His glory.”

“We love Victory Ranch and highly recommend it to groups of all ages.”

Sharon Watson

(Principal) Briarcrest Christian Middle School

“First impressions of Victory Ranch will excite anyone with their amazing facilities and adventure courses. Our group was equally impacted by the Spirit of those who facilitate and make our stay worthwhile. It’s amazing how God has combined the beauty of Victory Ranch with personnel who reflect His Glory while serving. I only wish we could live at Victory Ranch!!”

Todd Miller

Youth & Family Minister

“Victory Ranch has been and continues to be the perfect venue for our Opening Retreat. The Opening Retreat is a highlight for many of the NEXUS participants and Victory Ranch plays a great role in making that impression. The staff and accommodations offer a positive environment. NEXUS continues to cultivate and duplicate principle-centered leaders for our Memphis community and Victory Ranch help us accomplish that goal each year.”

Heather Hunt


“I first learned about Victory Ranch as a participant in the Leadership Collierville class in the fall of 2005 when we traveled there for the day to take part in exercises both physical and mental that helped us get to know each other, challenge ourselves and just have fun. Since that time I have become the director of the Leadership Collierville program, and I think the highlight of each year is bringing both our adult and youth classes to Victory Ranch as part of their opening retreat. The property is kept up beautifully and the instructors are great in the way they make you feel comfortable but challenged at the same time. I would recommend Victory Ranch to any group that is trying to instill teamwork and just all around fun.”

Terry Dean

Leadership Collierville

“I have been involved in student ministry for over 25 years and can honestly say there are very few camping/retreat centers in this country as attentive to the needs of a group or as willing to accomodate a group as the staff at Victory Ranch. They are as concerned about the comfort and safety of our group as they are about making sure our students have a great time. My experience has been that no request is too great and no detail too small for the staff. Our week-end camps at Victory Ranch have become a highlight of our program, talked about and looked forward to by our high school students and middle school students alike. There is a persuit of excellence that is evident the minute you pull through the gates. This is a special place.”

Bret Spiegelman

(Director of Student/College Ministries) Hope Presbyterian Church